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Biotechnology is biology which provides some kind of use to us. This webpage contains BSL/English descriptions of some aspects of biotechnology focused arouns three simple experiments involving DNA and DNA technology. Scroll down for more information on this project. Click on the links below to work through each of the experiments.

Scroll down to find out more about this project. To work through one of the experiments click on one of the links below

Find out more about background biology, vocabulary and equipment for each of the experiments using the green navigation bar.

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This website and CDROM and was created through a collaborative project facilitated by the Scottish Institute for Biotechnology Education which included Deaf scientists, educators, hearing scientists and sign language interpreters. For more information on the Signing Biotechnology project please email

The CDROM contains signed descriptors of three experiments DNA Extraction, DNA Fingerprinting and Bacterial Transformation.

This project was supported by University of Edinburgh, SASLI, BioRad, Midlothian Council and East Lothian Council. and was funded by the Wellcome Trust and the Royal Society

It is hoped that this resource will be used by sign language interpreters, teachers of the Deaf and communication support workers to assist them in the communication of biotechnology to the Deaf in situations such as science festivals, public science lectures and in the classroom.

Our methodology in this resource has been to try and avoid dependence on borrowed English vocabulary, rather to exploit the visuality of British Sign Language (BSL).

All the material needed to perform these experiments in the classroom and full written notes for teachers and technicians can be ordered from the Life Science Education section of BioRad. Please visit

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