Biotechnology Signing
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The Signing Biotechnology project was facilitated by Jan Barfoot with a project team that consisted of Rosie Addis, Audrey Cameron and Tania Allan. The Scottish Institute for Biotechnology Education are extremely grateful to Rosie, Audrey and Tania for all the time, effort and enthusiasm they put into the project. We also wish to thank all those who supported the project and assisted with the production of this resource. In particular:
  • Judith Mole and Diane Peacock for helpful discussions and much encouragement.
  • Judith Philp for scientific evaluation of the resource.
  • The Institute of Cell and Molecular Biology for allowing us to host the workshops in University of Edinburgh Laboratories.
  • Joseph Sheridan and the staff at Granada Media for evalutation of the resource.
  • Mary Brennan and Marian Grimes from the Scottish Sensory Centre for helpful discussions and information.
  • Scott Kerr from the COPUS grant scheme for helpful discussions and useful contacts.
  • Dominic Delaney for support from BioRad.
  • David Summersgill and Jo Ross for their excellent interpreting skills and enthusiasm.
  • Antony Weir for helpful discussions and advice.
  • Liz Mitchell from the British Deaf Association.
  • Adrian Fenton from the Association for Science Education.
  • Graham johnson for his images
  • Richard Rowley and John Wexford at the GMRC
  • Russell Hamilton for his skills in developing this site
  • and our funders COPUS, the Wellcome Trust and the Darwin Trust of Edinburgh
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Why can't I have smaller / bigger videos?
If you are using the CDROM
The size or dimensions of the videos as they appear on your screen can not be altered. This is because of the limited space there is on a CDROM for storing videos in several formats. If you want to view smaller or larger videos use the web version of this resource.
If you are using the web
Three different sizes of videos are available on the web version of this resource. You choose which size of video is best for you on the main page for the resource.

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